Vinicius has granted an interview to ‘El Larguero’ in which he reviews the great start he is having at Madrid, with many proper names (Ancelotti, Benzema …) and details of his daily life.

Is Vinicius being the best player in LaLiga?

Well, it’s the people who say it. I am always focused on helping the club and giving my best version.

In Granada another goal. What a change yours …

I am very happy for my start to the season. In the first half I was not well, but I was focused, when I got to the dressing room they gave me the strength I needed to come back as I did in the second half. I want to continue like this to help the team win a lot this season.

What happened to him? Who gives you that strength in the locker room?

I was failed, I also failed in the face of goal. But I never lower my head. I always want to keep fighting and help the team. In the dressing room they always give me the strength I need. It was not a single player, it was not the coach alone, it was everyone. They encouraged me to be at my best and always help.

In its improvement, is Ancelotti key?

Not just Ancelotti. They have been all: Solari, Zidane and now Carlo. With him I have more confidence, more minutes, more time to do things well. Three years training a lot and having a lot of minutes has helped me a lot too. Now Ancelotti has arrived and has given me the confidence I need.

Was that confidence key to you?

Of course. That is important for all players, but I think that now I am also more prepared for this. Before I don’t know if I was, but now I am. I have prepared to be at the top and continue to help the team for a long time and many seasons.

And how have you noticed it?

Now I’m 21, before I was younger (laughs). I came from Brazil when I was 18 years old, I had barely played a year in the first team and I came to Real Madrid, the best team in the world and with many great players, and I came to learn. I have learned these years and will continue to learn every day.

It is its fourth season. You will feel like a veteran …

No no no (laughs). Now I am more technically and psychologically prepared. With everyone’s trust, I will always be better.

And now it is seen that it is understood better with Benzema.

Now we are playing a lot more time together. We already know what the other one is going to do. Karim is a great player, I love playing with him, he always helps me, I want to continue playing with him to have a great season.

Should you win the Ballon d’Or?

Hopefully Karim can win.

Pedri has won the Golden Boy. Do these awards matter to you?

Of course they are important to the players. They give you confidence. But I think teamwork and team titles are more important than individual ones.

Does Pedri deserve it?

I think so. He has played very well last season, and many games. He has played for the National Team, for Barça, for the Olympic National Team … and he has had a very good season. I think it is deserved.

You dream of the Ballon d’Or one day.

Of course, all players dream of being a Ballon d’Or one day. I keep working, I have a lot of time in football to do many things, to give my best version and to be good with myself, which is the most important thing.

How did you experience criticism and jokes when you missed clear occasions?

I lived it as I live it now. Very calm, always focused. People at the club and at home tell me that they know what I do every day to help the team. I don’t believe that I am the best player now, nor did I think I was the worst before. I am always in the line of improving and being good with myself.

Was your worst moment that injury in 2019?

Sure. When you’re injured you can’t do anything, you can’t work to help the team, you can’t play … It’s my worst moment here, without a doubt. But I never doubted myself. I have always believed that I am going to do great things here, with this team, which has given me so much. President, players … everyone has taught me something to be here a long time.

Has anything changed on the street?

Yeah right (laughs). Now they ask me for more photos, but this is good. I feel important to the Real Madrid fans, who have always helped me and treated me well. Now I am happy to help in the field.

They are leaders, and playing well.

We are doing very well, but we have to continue like this. You have to work to be at the top always and in all competitions. At Real Madrid you always have to be the first.

Are you surprised to see Barça so far away?

Yes, but this is the beginning. Barça will improve. He has changed coach now and we have to continue in this line to win LaLiga.

Will it improve with Xavi?

I think so, but I am talking about Real Madrid, I am not talking about other teams.

They do talk about you. A Barça scout said that you were always a culé.

I don’t wind up outsiders, always people who are with me and know the truth, that’s why I don’t talk so much.

Were you close to playing for Barça?

The two clubs looked for me and I decided to go to Real Madrid for the project and for what they did for me. I thought it was the best project for me and it was the club with which I had the most affinity. I always loved Real Madrid, I always loved Cristiano Ronaldo and all the players. I chose well and I want to stay here for a long time.

It was even said that you cried on the day of Barça’s 6-1 match against PSG.

This day he was in a match with Brazil in the South American Championship. I think that for this game Real Madrid signed me. I was the best player, the top scorer … and then I signed with Real Madrid.

Come on, the Barça game worried him much less than his.

That’s for sure. When I was little I saw few games. I was always playing soccer with my friends and this one I didn’t see.

At the Camp Nou, he received racist screams. How do you remember it?

It is very sad that these things continue to happen, but I do not give importance to people who are crazy. I was winning 0-1 and I was enjoying the game. But that can never happen again, we must end racism.

He did not care, but that must go away.

That can’t happen again. You have to remove those people from the stands. That can not be done.

Have things like this also happened to you in your private life?

Yes, they have happened to me before, but I don’t talk about the bad things. But it is very serious, it must be changed. It can not happen.

How is your renewal?

All players want to play here for a long time. I am lucky to have been here for three years and I want to be much more. I want to have a great career like Cristiano Ronaldo did, like Sergio did, like Marcelo is doing … I want to be as long as they do.

Are you worried about being one of the lowest paid in the workforce?

No. I have the contract that I signed when I was 16 years old. I have to keep working to play here for a long time. Many players would pay to be here. I have a calm head. This is the best club in the world and I want to be here for a long time.

He doesn’t seem to care much about money …

All players want to make money, that is clear. But I am very focused on what I do on the field. My father and mother tell me: the important thing is to play soccer. I always want to be playing. Of course, how much money I earn is important, but it is not the most important thing. I want to stay here for many years. Since my arrival I have said it: I want to play here for many years.

Would you like to play with Mbappé?

He is a great player, but as I said before about Xavi or Pedri, I am not talking about the players of another team.

He’s like a president, huh! Nor that he had Florentino there by his side (the interview was conducted through Zoom).

Is that I can not speak (laughs).

But who do you like more: Mbappé or Haaland?

The two, the two. I would keep both of them. They can mark an era like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or other Real Madrid players.

If Mbappé and Haaland come, and Benzema is there, you … Who do we remove?

That already has to be left to the coaches (laughs).

Brazil did not summon him in this last break, it was due to Firmino’s injury. And he was one of the best with his team in both games. Does all this surprise you?

No, I am not surprised because there are many Brazilian players who are always at the top. I am very young and the players who are there have more experience. I have done very well, I am very happy with my two games and I want to be in the next World Cup.

A Champions League with Real Madrid or a World Cup with Brazil?

The two, the two (laughs). I have to work hard for that.

So far in the league he has already scored more goals than in the last three leagues. This is no accident.

Nerd. That’s a lot of work since I arrived and everyone’s trust. From Solari, from Zidane, from Ancelotti, the youth coaches … I am very happy. I want to continue like this and have a great season.

With what goal do you keep from the ones you have scored this year?

The first against Shakhtar.


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