Vini enjoys and Rodrygo scores

Brazil won again with the firmness and security of one of the great favorites to win the title in Qatar 2022. Vinicius He was a starter and was one of the most outstanding with constant actions in attack. Rodrygo He played the final 10 minutes and closed the account of the win, it was his first goal with the national team. raphinha, a Coutinho reborn and Anthony they scored the remaining goals against a Paraguay that he did not generate in attack and that he was able to fit several more goals.

The selection of Tite went out for all, with the support of the fans who resisted the rain in the stands of the Mineirao, and in the first moments he chained several dangerous actions. at three minutes raphinha had already pierced the arch of Silva after an internment in the area but after an eternal review of the VAR the action was annulled by a doubtful hand of the end of the leeds.

Paraguay stretched with a couple of arrivals commanded by Samudio but was soon forced to withdraw due to the ambition of the local team. Brazil came steadily from the sides, with Vinicius as a protagonist on the left, well supported by Coutinhoand with Daniel Alves on the opposite side, always located in attack positions. The Madrid winger was the protagonist in several dangerous actions, such as an excellent pass towards raphinha or a sprint into the area where he missed the final check.

raphinha He retaliated before half an hour, when he threw a clearance behind the defense, received, cut and defined with precision. Just after the break, after another great pass from ViniciusOwn raphinha He stayed on the verge of goal with a fantastic volley that hit the woodwork.

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Tite did not make any changes and players like Coutinho or package they grew with very successful and constant appearances. It just lacked some precision to see more goals in that stretch. At game time he left Vinicius to take a break before flying to the game Copa del Rey before him Athletic but the canarinha machine did not stop.

Coutinho was inspired once again to try a long shot in which he left an exquisite hit that surprised Silva. This is how the 2-0 fell, a mortal blow for a Paraguayan team inoperative with the ball. After that second goal Brazil He slowed down a bit with the ball but maintained intense pressure and the chances came by inertia. Anthony scored the third with a tight left foot and Rodrygo He closed the account at will after a pleasant collective combination in the area.


John Escobar (45′, Robert Rojas), Hector Martinez (45′, Santiago Arzamendia), Anthony (60′, Vinicius Junior), gabriel jesus (60′, Matheus Cunha), sanabria (68′, Carlos Gonzalez), Alan Benitez (68′, Mathias Villasanti), Bruno Guimaraes (72′, Coutinho), Everton Ribeiro (81′, Raphaël), Rodrygo (81′, Lucas Paqueta), July Enciso (86′, Richard Sanchez)


1-0, 27′: raphael2-0, 61′: Coutinho3-0, 85′: Anthony4-0, 87′: Rodrygo


Santiago Arzamendia (19′, Yellow) Mathias Villasanti (48′, Yellow) Junior Alonso (77′, Yellow

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