Home Sports Vingegaard, Roglic, Landa and Bilbao in a very demanding Itzulia

Vingegaard, Roglic, Landa and Bilbao in a very demanding Itzulia

Vingegaard, Roglic, Landa and Bilbao in a very demanding Itzulia

The presentation of Itzulia 2024 will take place at the Irún Town Hall. It takes place from April 1st to 6th and is attended by great international runners. Vingegaard will try to keep the yellow jersey but will have to contend with big rivals such as: Roglic, Mikel Landa or Pello Bilbao. Final pre-registration will be announced in March, but cyclists are already moving forward with their intentions and calendar.

The first stage will be an individual time trial in Irún and will be 10 km long. of the layout. From there we go to Cambo-Les Bains on the second day. This is the big news this year, the return to the Franco-Basque country, to Iparralde. A year ago an arrival in Alto de Ibardin was planned, but it arrived the coronavirus pandemic and all plans were broken. France, for example, has closed its borders.

On Wednesday it will set off from Espelette near Cambo. The idea is that this beautiful city could be reached, but it is a city with complicated logistics for an arrival and it is better that it is a departure. The destination point will be Alsasua in Navarre. There is a very beautiful forest near the city through which the race was to take place. but in the end it was discarded and is not traversed.

The next appointment will connect Navarra with Álava. It will leave Etxarri and arrive in Legutio. It has also been agreed that they will rotate between Alsasua and Etxarri next year. The second will be arrival and the first will be departure. The transit through the province of Álava will be completed on Thursday with the departure from Vitoria-Gasteiz, its capital. As usual, it will take place in the Mendizabala area. And you reach Amorebieta.

The last day, with many ports, You reach Eíbar, lPlace from which OCETA, the company that organizes this event and the San Sebastián Classic, operates. Its president is Julian Eraso. “We are very excited about the route and also about the announced participation,” he assured Diario AS. The Itzulia tour through the Basque Country for women also takes place in May.


-Monday, April 6th. Irún-Irún, 10 km individual time trial.

-Tuesday, April 7th. Irun-Cambo-Les-Bains.

-Wednesday, April 8th. Espelette-Alsasua.

-Thursday, April 9th. Etxarri Legutio.

-Friday, April 10th. Vitoria Amorebieta.

-Saturday, April 11th. Amorebieta-Eíbar.

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