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Vingegaard: “I wouldn’t say I’m a friend of Pogacar, but he’s nice”


Jonas Vingegaard saved the day, which is what yesterday’s stage consisted of, in the purest classical style. Before starting, he had time to chat with the legend of legends: Eddy Merckx. Later, a hectic start, in which he even moved in the first person, his team, the Jumbo, He let a large number of riders go ahead, without danger in the general, so that they could play the stage. He had to save effort. “It was a very fast day. There was everything from the beginning. A great breakaway was formed and then there were more riders who wanted to join in with counterattacks from behind. The only thing we wanted was control from afar and not waste time”, said the one from the Jumbo, who retained the yellow one more day and is two steps away from getting back on the top of the podium in Paris. the danish was questioned about his relationship with Pogacar, the one who was his great rival for this Tour, and for the previous one… and for the one in 2021, although at that time he did not win.

“I think we would be friends if we were on the same team. Pogacar is a very nice guy. I wouldn’t say we’re friends, or that we’d see each other in private, but sometimes we talk a little. He is a very nice guy ”, Jonas pointed out about their relationship. One more day, the yellow jersey had to talk about anti-doping tests and he did remember the number of controls he passed in his altitude training. “I don’t remember the number of anti-doping controls I have in February, but yes, in all my altitude concentrations I had tests.” Still without finishing this edition, the Dane concluded that “probably” his level was higher this year than in 2022.

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