Vingegaard: “I am very happy with this victory”

Jonas Vingegaard took the yellow on Wednesday at the Muro de Hika and did not leave the jersey until Saturday. He attacked in Izua and left his rivals without arguments to challenge him for victory. Roglic, Pogaçar and Vingegaard continue adding victories in major international races before finding themselves in other top-level contests.

-How do you feel after winning this race?

It is a very special race for me. I am very happy with this victory. It is wonderful. I came in 2019 and 2021 and it has been a fantastic week.

-The best defense is a good offense, right? This was demonstrated by him in Izua.

-It’s true. I saw the right moment and went ahead, leaving behind a very select group. I knew that there were 27 km left and that not everything was done and in the end it turned out very well.

-When going down that port it seemed that he was risking too much on the lines taking into account the difference he had. What can you comment on it?

I don’t think too much either. She has been fast but you had to keep your distance. Then, in the last one, I have made it calmer. But sometimes if you’re not tense and on edge that’s when the danger really comes.

-He takes the yellow and three stages, the one in Villabona, in Santurtzi and the last one in Eibar. That counts too, right?

-Winning three stages is not usual in a World Tour but I think it is also great news to have climbed to the top three times.

-What was the stage plan for Jumbo-Visma to defend the yellow jersey?

-We plan to make a special selection because if you go with a very large group it is more difficult to control. That’s the only way to not be isolated. Then I have seen myself with options to attack and I have done it.

-The Basque Country will host the Grand Départ on July 1st. Winning in Euskadi has a special value this year. Do you feel that way?

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-Sure. Winning the Itzulia is already a cause of great joy and starting the Tour from here gives it a special level. Winning the French test is something very motivating.

-Your duel with Pogaçar is raising a lot of expectations. Do you see it that way too?

-It is normal for people to be excited and expectant. But I know my rivals, and Tadej in particular, he is a super runner. We shouldn’t just think about the two of us, as there will be other opponents that are very difficult to win.

-How do you deal with the pressure of feeling favorite in all the races you compete in?

-I have no problems with the issue of pressure. I try to manage it very well. My priorities are my family and my people and, in that sense, I don’t feel very overwhelmed.

-HE sees him smiling Today and all week. It seems that she has enjoyed a lot during the dispute of this Itzulia.

-I had fun because I was the leader and on top of that I won. I do my job every day and give my best. Nor do I think that indicates that I am superior to others or anything like that.

-What do you think of the Basque fans, who have supported you at all times despite the fact that your rivals were local riders?

I have to thank you for your support. The atmosphere is adorable because we are facing one of the best fans in the world. That feeling is very welcome.

-He has arrived in a good moment of form to this Itzulia. Have you prepared it specifically?

-I have not made a special preparation in particular. I train according to the plans designed and I think I have arrived in good shape for this race.

-Are you going to run in the Ardennes or discard them?

-I was in doubt but in the end I will not compete in those races in Belgium.

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