Home Sports Vingegaard explains the secret strategy to bust Pogacar

Vingegaard explains the secret strategy to bust Pogacar

The surprising tactic of the Danish cyclist to challenge the Slovenian in cycling: inspiration from Induráin

In a series of surprising victories, the cyclist Vingegaard has left the cycling world in awe by applying an unconventional strategy to defeat the towering Pogacar in the Tour de France. Although he is renowned for his ability as a climber, his innovative technique led him to conquer the time trial and cement his triumph.

Vingegaard, in an exclusive interview, shared details about the intensive preparation he undertook for the time trial stage.. “I started preparing for that stage in winter,” she revealed. “In general, I train a lot with the time trial bike, it always goes on a trip with me. I do a lot of stretching to be really flexible and to be able to improve against the clock.” This dedication and commitment to discipline were crucial to his success on a stage that challenged his abilities as a climber.

vingegaard pogacar
He has stunned the cycling world by applying an unconventional strategy to defeat the towering Pogacar in the Tour de France.

Vingegaard reveals his strategy to challenge Pogacar and succeed in the Tour de France

The Induráin technique, known for its smooth and fluid pedaling style, high cadence and aerodynamic posture, is a benchmark in the world of road cycling. Miguel Induráin, the legendary Spanish cyclist, used it to win five consecutive Tours de France between 1991 and 1995. The Danish cyclist found inspiration in this tactic and adapted it to his own abilities, combining his mountain prowess with the characteristic fluidity of the Induráin strategy.

During the time trial stage, the cyclist demonstrated an impressive mastery of the Induráin technique. “I knew every corner of the track as people were able to verify on the descent. The descent was very technical, but I did it well. After the rest day I felt great”, commented the double winner of the Tour de France. His adaptability and aerodynamic approach allowed him to optimize his speed and efficiency on each stage, leaving his competitors amazed.

The impact on modern cycling and the legacy of Induráin

The innovative strategy of the Danish cyclist has highlighted the importance of preparation and adaptation in cycling professional. By incorporating the Induráin technique, he has reinvigorated interest in this classic tactic and has left a mark on the competition. Furthermore, his bold choice to face Pogacar with this strategy shows that cycling remains a sport full of surprises and opportunities for creativity.

Definitely, Vingegaard has shown that in cycling, the right strategy and preparation can lead to extraordinary results. His adoption of the Induráin tactic in his wins, especially the time trial stage, shows how cyclists can draw inspiration from the greats of the past to reach new heights in the present. With a courageous spirit and uncompromising dedication, the cyclists continue to push the boundaries of the sport.

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