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Villarreal wants to stay with Lo Celso

Villarreal wants to stay with Lo Celso

The Villarreal he is very happy with the work he has done Giovani Lo Celso In the six months on loan that he has spent at the club, in fact, it seems that they are convinced to make an offer to the Tottenham Hotspurs to keep your property permanently. The player is willing to stay in the Estadio de la Cerámica since he is aware that he is a heavyweight for Unai Emery and could push for the deal to go ahead.

According to the newspaper ACE, the team from Castellón is willing to sign Lo Celso in this transfer market and they would already be looking for the necessary resources to make it a reality. There is talk that the club would not be willing to pay Tottenham more than 20 million euros for his contract, so everything will depend on whether the London team is willing to lower its price, something that seems unlikely given that almost 48 million were spent euros to get him out of Real Betis Balompié in the summer of 2019.

The Argentine will press

Giovani Lo Celso He is aware that a promising future does not await him when he returns to Tottenham Hotspurs and for this reason he would be pressuring both the London team and his own agents to carry out his signing for Villarreal, a club in which he has found the stability that I needed so much. The Argentine midfielder has given a magnificent performance in the ranks of the Castellón team from the first day he put on the yellow jersey and has everyone convinced to sign him for next year, however, the decision rests fully with the London team, with who has a contract until June 30, 2025.

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