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Villarreal CF’s tough rival appears to sign Cavani

Sources close to the player affirm that the issue is advancing and that if decisions are not made soon, the negotiations related to his interests could stall.

One of Villarreal CF’s priorities is to give free rein to the signing of Edison Cavani as a summer goal. An issue that although it has been escalating, it seems it could face problems and all on account of a third party involved in the pools of a summer market that is in sight.

Is about Boca Juniors, which was in fact before his arrival at Man Utd, was the main holder of chances to stay with the goals of the Uruguayan matador. Well, this seems to be a positive environment again, and so they have made it clear to the Argentine dam that covers the news of the xeneizes.

Villarreal Cavani
The Uruguayan striker will leave Old Trafford in the summer, and the Submarine is already working on his signing.

The success of the operation for Cavani will depend on the directors of Villarreal and the presentation of their arguments

In favor the yellow box has multiple themes. One is the high competition that is handled in Europe, and more with a team destined to fight since the arrival of Unai Emery for the big titles. Then there is the economic factor and the possibility of including him from the headline since his arrival.

Boca has Juan Román Riquelme, who from his dais as vice president has been persuading the Uruguayan because he gives free rein to his return to South America. Something that is not so clear, it must be said, but that in one way or another at 34 years of age, it brings him closer to his family and his people.

Unai is convinced that it is the ideal accompaniment for Gerard

On the other hand, the coach has cracked stating that he is looking for that fact because it is the indicated way to free Gerard Moreno from charges. With Cavani he has an area reference, and he can let Gerard know that he is very used to working behind or linking lines because of his technical richness.

In addition, the departure of Arnaut Danjuma is on the table, and what this represents indicates that it is a fact to be maneuvered as a priority. So the cards are on the table, and from now on everything will depend on those in charge of sports clothing, with their indicators and the figures that they will establish for this purpose.

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