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Villarreal CF’s first option if Samu Chukwueze leaves stings Valencia

From the environment of the yellow submarine they contemplate a key signing that can complicate those from Mestalla

Samu chukwueze He is still one of the names on the transfer market, so Villarreal CF would be thinking of a replacement. The Nigerian has not renewed his contract with Quique Setién’s men, so it is most likely at this time that he will leave. From there, they are looking for an offensive player.

Let’s remember that Samu Chukwueze is a winger who has had a good end to the season, being key for Villarreal CF. Given this, a thousand possibilities have arisen for the future of the African striker, who would have one foot outside. There is already a first option in case you say goodbye sooner or later.

Samu Chukwueze Villarreal
The winger is close to leaving and the player they have in mind complicates the intentions of the Che club

Samu Chukwueze is one of those targeted to leave Villarreal CF and they already have his replacement in mind: he fears Valencia CF

In this way, it has been possible to establish that the alternative that the La Cerámica club has can cause trouble in the planning of Valencia CF. The leadership of the yellow submarine has in mind adding one of the FC Barcelona discards, with Ferrán Torres being the one targeted by the people of Castellón.

In that order of ideas, Foios was one of Rubén Baraja’s priorities in the Túria club from the capital. He is formed in the Che and Valencian team, so it has always been on the radar to return to lend a hand at the most critical moment. Of course, everything has taken an unexpected turn.

Ferrán Torres is the player Quique Setién wants at the groguet club

With the offer from Villarreal CF to be the successor to Samu Chukwueze, Ferrán Torres could consider going to La Cerámica. Although he would like to be a player who contributes to the complex moment that those of Mestalla are experiencing, the opportunity offered by the groguets is more ambitious. In turn, for Barcelona it would be better to send the winger to that destination.

We will have to wait then for what can happen with this movement. At the moment, the expectation is quite high with the future of one of the discards of Xavi Hernández. In any case, Peter Lim and Rubén Baraja do not like this operation at allwho wanted to convince the extreme of the culés.

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