Villarreal CF’s exemplary response to Aston Villa’s offensive for Parejo

In the Yellow Submarine they will only let the Madrid midfielder leave if they can reach an agreement for another player

Since Setién arrived, the situation of Dani Parejo in the Villarreal CF got a little muddy. Not because his role has dropped sportily. On the contrary, Parejo continues to be very important with the Cantabrian coach. However, the style has changed and Parejo has a lot of feelings with Unai Emery, Aston Villa coach, team that sighs for his signing.

The Premier League train doesn’t run every day. And if it’s to play for Aston Villa, under the command of Unai Emery, it’s logical that Dani Parejo thinks about it very seriously. Of course, for Villarreal CF to let him out, the offer must be adapted to the importance of the player.

Dani Parejo has an offer to leave Villarreal CF
Dani Parejo could meet again with Unai Emery

Dani Parejo can end up at Aston Villa

As we have known in the last few hours, the team that has been interested in the signing of Dani Parejo is Aston Villa. The English team is led by Unai Emery, with whom the Coslada midfielder has had a very good relationship since their time together at Villarreal CF. In fact, this stage together has been key for them to be interested in signing him.

Unai Emery not only loves Dani Parejo for all that he can still show on the pitch, but also because at 34 he is a leader in the dressing room. Likewise, everything points to the fact that next season Aston Villa could dispute European competition. That is why he wants experienced players to face a very demanding season.

The Aston Villa midfielder who could reach LaLiga

Despite Dani Parejo would welcome joining the Aston Villa project, Villarreal CF is not about to let one of its pillars out. At least not if an important player does not arrive in return. On this occasion, the player they would have requested in the operation would be Leander Dedoncker, who has not had many opportunities this season.

The signing of the Belgian would be a magnificent acquisition for the yellow submarine, which would ensure a high-quality footballer for the coming years. Be that as it may, it must be borne in mind that Dani Parejo is one of the most important players of Villarreal CF. That is why his departure will not be easy. Now all that remains is to wait and see how their situation is resolved, which has caught the Castellón club by surprise.

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