Villarreal CF does the rest for Luis Alberto

For now this fact seems very feasible, taking into account the needs and some exits in the team

From the hand of Unai Emery Villarreal CF plans to carry out one of the most resounding operations of the moment, the one whose main protagonist is the midfielder of the Latium, Luis Alberto. In the midst of an absolutely conscious dispute, they have declared power in that fact gaining the place to Seville.

The most likely way out of Samu Chukwueze lis has put in trouble, and has made the managerial deed is positioned in that sense. They are looking for someone with experience, who meets the characteristics in the DNA of the club and who knows the atmosphere. Who better than him, who has been asking for a clue for his return for a long time.

Louis Albert Seville
After 5 seasons in Serie A, the midfielder would put an end to Lazio, for this summer.

With their sights set on the future, Villarreal tempts Luis Alberto with a very ambitious proposal

With 29 years and the feeling of being at the right age to mark his return, the midfielder has stated that he has everything ready for his set-up. It is not something that comes from less, it is simply that he should be included as one of the options to mark due to the need to include talent in the area.

In addition, to all this we must add that he has been affected by the directives of the Italian club and that would have forced or advanced his decision. He does not want to continue tied to a toxic link, where there are many interests marked before his desire for growth as he has dropped between the lines.

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His pass will not be easy, far from it

In any case, the fact that this situation is taking place has nothing to do with what the people of Lazio have in mind. They seek to make their contract prevail and therefore maintain regular order. For less than 35 million euros they won’t let him out, and in response to that, measures are already being taken.

Villarreal knows that it is a high value, but in any case they want to make it a reality. They are going to lose a high-level player at the end of the season and they are going to have the money to execute him. So there are not many doubts about it, and if nothing strange happens, this is what will finally happen.

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