Villain made in 100 of 240 movies, heart fell on Miss India during Struggle days

Whether it is Hera Pheri’s Babu Bhaiya or Welcome’s Ghungroo Seth or Hungama’s Radheshyam Tiwari, Paresh Rawal, known for his excellent acting and comedic timing, is celebrating his 68th birthday today. You know Paresh Rawal as a funny actor on the big screen, in fact, his personal life is just as funny.

Paresh’s passion for cinema since he was a child was such that at the age of 9 he entered the cinema without a ticket to see the film. What was then? This passion continues to this day, even after making 250 movies. Once her heart fell on Miss India and she turned out to be the daughter of her boss, but Paresh had already told her friend that she will become his sister-in-law. Something similar happened. So let’s take a look at her special trip so far for her birthday.

Paresh Rawal was born on May 30, 1955 in Bombay. At the same time, he undertook his first studies at the Gujarati Middle School. Paresh was very mischievous since childhood. Tales of various pranks with classmates used to reach the house from him. While his house was in Parla East, Mumbai. Near his house was the Naveen Bhai Thakkar Auditorium. Every time there was a play here, Paresh used to listen to his voices all the way to his house. Once Paresh dared to go see the play in that theater without a ticket but he got caught. Paresh still disagreed. To see the play, he adopted all the Sama, Daam, Dand, Bheda. Sometimes intimidation and sometimes request. Then when he was taken to the honor of the theater. So what… Naveen Bhai also liked the 9-year-old’s interest in theatre. He allowed Paresh to watch the show every day without a ticket. As long as they arrive on time.

One day in 1975, Paresh had arrived at the festival organized by NSD. There his eyes fell on a girl wearing a sari. That girl was none other than Sampat Swaroop, who won the Miss India title at the time. Paresh’s heart had fallen on Sampat. He told his friend Mahendra Joshi, who was close to him, that one day this girl would become his wife. Mahendra Joshi knew that girl. So he said are you crazy? I don’t know who this girl is. She is the daughter of the boss where you work. Paresh was not going to believe even after hearing this. He had lost his heart in wealth. Then he told Mahendra, whether it is someone’s daughter or someone’s sister, this girl will become my wife.

Paresh is known for his excellent performance. If he’s doing comedy, he’ll make you laugh and if he’s cast as a villain, he’ll scare you. Whoever the hero is in the movie, Paresh says in his screen time that he also has an important role in the movie. Paresh has worked on 240 movies so far. You might be surprised to know that in 100 of these movies he has become the villain.

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