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Vijay’s son Jason signed on to direct

Four potential local candidates have asked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to nominate new candidates for Mongla-Rampal (Bagerhat-03 constituency). Among them is Shakil Khan, a popular actor of Dhakai cinema. In the speech, the candidates said that if one of the four candidates is nominated, the boat will win. In addition, if a boat is given to someone else, that boat will not sail here, that is, in the Mongla Rampal River.

It will sink a boat full of them. So the bosun has to change.

So said the speakers at the funeral gathering of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s 48th martyrdom organized by the Krishak League on Monday (28 August) at 5pm at Mongla Bandar Sramik-Karmchari Sangh Chatter. Sheikh Abu Saeed, Former Chairman of the Rampal Upazila Parishad of Bagerhat and a member of the Bagerhat District Awami League, Former Chairman of the Mongla Upazila Parishad and Vice President of the Bagerhat District Awami League, heroic freedom fighter Idris Ali Izardar, President of the Khulna District Volunteer League Sheikh At the beginning of the At the meeting, Abu Hanif and Bangabandhu spoke Sansiktan. The central vice president of the alliance is the film actor Shakeel Khan.

These four have long been waging an intense campaign in the region to become candidates in the upcoming 12th general election. Among them are actor Shakil Khan, Sheikh Abu Saeed, Sheikh Abu Hanif’s home in Rampal and Idris Ali Izardar’s home in Mongla.


Meanwhile, the panel discussion at the funeral assembly was overshadowed by the grand election assembly. In the presence of tens of thousands of Mongla-Rampal leaders, activists and supporters, potential candidates Sheikh Abu Saeed, heroic freedom fighter Idris Ali Izardar, honorary league leader Sheikh Abu Hanif and actor Shakil Khan expressed their sorrow at the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman hat turns into strength in the month of August. I have to do it

In addition, he urged leaders and workers to prepare for the upcoming elections. At that point, they called for a change of candidate for that seat. They urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to nominate one of them as a candidate, noting that the current MP would lose if nominated again. These four potential candidates campaigned separately as candidates in previous elections, but this time they stand on the same platform.

Among others, Md Iqbal Hossain, Vice Chairman of Mongla Upazila Parishad, Abdul Jalil Shikdar, member of Bagerhat Zilla Parishad (Mongla), 8 of 16 members of Mongla and Rampal, including UP Chairman of all affiliated organizations of Awami League, spoke. The funeral gathering was held at chaired by Mongla Upazila Farmers League President Shahjahan Siddiqui. The leaders

At the end of the meeting, special prayers were offered for the souls of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family and for the long life and health of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. After the prayers, good food was served to all present.

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