Vidya Balan was cast in Parineeta by Pradeep Sarkar after falling out with the producer.

The late film director Pradeep Sarkar made his first film ‘Parineeta’ in 2005 with Vidya Balan. Pradeep Sarkar fully trusted Vidya Balan’s performance for his film. Pradeep Sarkan battled with his producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra to cast Vidya Balan in this film. This was Vidya Balan’s first film project and before that, the actress had to face a lot of rejections.

In a conversation with Simi Garewal, Vidya shared that “Dada was convinced that I was Lolita, not Mr. Chopra.” Tell them that Pradeep Sarkar died on Friday morning at the age of 67. Before venturing into movies, Vidya worked extensively in commercials and even appeared in a few music videos.

He worked with Sarkar in Euphoria’s Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali and said, “He gave me Parineeta.” He said: “That was my video with Pradeep Sarkar. I did a few commercials with him, but through the videos he realized that he can shape me however he wants.”

Vidya said that she was “tested for six months” before landing the part. According to composer Shantanu Moitra, she was evaluated 75 times, but Pradeep insisted that Vidya was the right choice. At the Film Awards, Pradeep Sarkar won the Indira Gandhi Award. for Best First Feature by a Director for Parineeta. But Vidya Balan was not on good terms with Vidhu Vinod Chopra regarding this film.

In a conversation with DNA, Vidya said that he saw Pradeep Sarkar and his wife as his “guardians” and fought with them like he fought with his father. He said: “Unlabeled, Dada and his wife are like my guardians. If I can trust anyone, it’s her. I share a love-hate relationship with Dada. I fight with them, as I fight with my father. He is not affected because nothing matters to him except work.

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Pradeep Sarkar passed away in the early hours of Friday. Neetu Chandra said, “He was admitted to a hospital late at night. He didn’t stay well for a long time, he was on dialysis and had other health problems as well. The last rites for him were performed in Santa Cruz.

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