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Videos | Lilia Lemoine, Milei’s candidate in Argentina, is sprayed with gasoline during altercations

 Videos |  Lilia Lemoine, Milei's candidate in Argentina, is sprayed with gasoline during altercations

Near the City Parliament of Buenos Aires, Before a memorial service for the victims of terrorism, a series of incidents took place which led to the arrest of two people and caused serious problems for the candidate for the post of MP for Libertad Avanza (Javier Milei’s party), Lilia Lemoine after they spilled gasoline on him.

Lilia Lemoine, known as “Lady Lemon”, is a militant associated with presidential candidate Javier Milei since his first appearances in the media and his foray into politics. Lemoine expressed his outrage on Twitter the disturbing facts recorded in several videos broadcast on social networks where she is seen rubbing and wiping her eyes after being thrown at a substance she describes as flammable.

Meanwhile, near the legislature, Several protesters tried to boycott the call, and bullfights and riots broke out, leading to the arrests of two people by police.

For his part the communicator Guadalupe Vázquez Toelaborated on the incident and provided more details on one of the people arrested. This is Leandro Nicolás Díaz, who belongs to the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos (CTA).and a criminal history, which includes previous convictions for fraud and racketeering, which led to his arrest in 2017. Vázquez also pointed out that a decade earlier, in 2007, Díaz faced legal troubles due to his involvement in riots outside the Department of Social Development.

The other person arrested at the scene, Micaela Andrea Jacquet, was found in possession of bottles of petrol, which are often used as Molotov cocktails, and styrofoam, which can speed up combustion. Despite attempts to escape The police managed to apprehend the attackers and confiscated an orange bag containing three Molotov cocktails. Lilia Lemoine received medical attention at the scene from the SAME ambulance service.

Given this aggression against the candidate The criminal prosecutor’s office is leading the investigation and is requesting that surveillance cameras be checked of the area and tracing the substance used in the attack. Elizabeth Márquez, Lilia Lemoine’s attorney, says they “filed a charge of attempted murder.”

The candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires in the group led by Milei, Carolina Píparo shared a video on her social media showing her patiently waiting but clearly concerned about the situation while being denied passage. Outraged, he said: “Nazis are shouting at us, but they blocked the traffic and didn’t let us into the legislature, more Fachos can’t be reached.”

Likewise, left-wing sympathizers have taken up positions on the various approaches to Parliament to prevent the passage of those trying to reach the assembly site. In a conversation recorded by a team “All messages”, One person openly stated to another that access was “blocked” because they wanted to “sabotage the State Terrorism Commemoration Act.”

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