Video: Zoo visitor jumps on crocodile to help wary attacker

The video gives you a cold sweat. Keeper Lindsay Bull was bitten by an alligator at Scales and Tails Zoo (Utah, United States) on August 14, while preparing to feed it. The animal refused to let go for several minutes.

And he probably would have ripped his arm off if Donnie Wiseman, a visitor to the zoo, hadn’t intervened. The latter jumped on the back of the alligator and managed to control it. After several very long seconds, the reptile’s jaws loosened and Lindsay Bull was able to leave the enclosure, assisted by two other visitors. A woman named Amy Christopher gave him first aid while he waited for help to arrive.

Scales and Tails Zoo immediately published a Facebook message to thank the brave visitors. “They could have stayed safe, as many of us would have, but they immediately became involved in the situation and came to the aid of our keeper,” explains the zoo. “We thank you for your heroism.”

For her part, Lindsay Bull reassured Internet users about her health. He said he had a good chance of regaining full use of his hand. The currently hospitalized young woman described the experience as “terrifying” with an American journalist, but said she was “impatient to get back to work.”

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Lindsay Bull has worked alongside alligators for several years. When the animal bit it, it immediately recognized its technique, which consists of holding on to its food to tear off small pieces. So she decided not to fight him and to follow his movements. “He shouldn’t be outside the compound if he turned around, because he was going to rip my arm off,” he told the channel. KSLTV.

Therefore, he clung to the alligator to preserve his hand as long as possible. She then gestured for Donnie Wiseman, who was asking how to help her, jump on the reptile. This gesture prevented the alligator from rolling a second time. Lindsay Bull was thus able to escape his jaws.

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