Video: ‘Yashoda’ Samantha came to the mysterious world as soon as her eyes opened, watch the first look video

The southern movie craze is now speaking loudly in Hindi-speaking states as well. After Pushpa rocking, KGF 2, Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s movie ‘Yashoda’ is also getting ready to play soon. Meanwhile, the first teaser video for Samantha’s sci-fi horror film ‘Yashoda’ has been released.

In fact, the first thriller video for Samantha Ruth’s upcoming movie ‘Yashoda’ has been released. Samantha looks very scared and frightened in the first ‘Yashoda’ look. This 37-second teaser video for the movie ‘Yashoda’ begins with Samantha opening her eyes.

It is shown in the first glimpse of the movie that as soon as Yashoda, meaning Samantha, opens her eyes. She feels something and begins to see the world around her that is no longer the same. Thinking of the surrounding environment, her clothes, the clock and the silence, she is quite shocked and her heart beats faster.

It is further seen in the video that as soon as Radha opens the window, there is a pigeon sitting in front of which she tries to touch, but then it turns out that this is all just a mistake… In general, the film ‘Yashoda’ The first video Samantha’s teaser for ‘is full of suspense. With this, it has been said that the release date of this Samantha movie is August 12.

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