VIDEO. Tigress survivors of the war in Ukraine: their journey to the refuge of the Arche

These two tigresses had been found in the street when they served as photographic models. Armelle Lagarde, deputy director of the Refuge de l’Arche, explained that it was important to save animals from a war because they are subjected to heavy bombardments which traumatize them. Others are abandoned and some end up in traffic since in times of war, animals represent money. After a long procedure, they were welcomed by the Refuge de l’Arche, a French structure specializing in the rescue of wild animals.

“It’s really very, very positive”

The objective for Armelle Lagarde is to allow time for the two tigresses to adapt, before they meet the other tiger of the establishment, Kaïro, a 5-year-old male. The expected result is twofold:So we do this for the well-being of the animals, so that they have a bigger space but also so that our male can be in contact with females. Without another partner, he remains too much in contact with the man and the objective is that he loses interest in us.”, explains Armelle Lagarde. After a successful visual contact, the shelter tries to put them in the same enclosure: “They touch, they feel, they play. We saw phases of play, so it’s really very, very positive..

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