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Video: The world’s unique mosque where the complete “Holy Quran” is engraved on the walls

The last book of Allah, the Holy Quran, is engraved on the walls of a mosque in Egypt, which has attracted the attention of tourists.

The Holy Quran is completely preserved in the heart of every Muslim in the form of surahs and verses. Due to its universal teachings, this inspired book is also the center of attention of non-Muslims. In a new mosque in Egypt, the Holy Quran has been preserved in a unique way, which has attracted the attention of tourists from all over the world.

In recent days, a video has gone viral on social media, the caption of which said that the world’s only Quranic manuscript is inscribed in the walls of Bukhara, Uzbekistan. There are 30 separate rooms for 30 pars, on the walls of which the Holy Quran is engraved in beautiful script. Every Muslim heart was happy to see this video but its reality is something else.

The Holy Qur’an has been written on the walls in beautiful calligraphy, but this is not a mosque in the city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, but a new but grand mosque in Egypt, which has been built in an area called the new administrative capital of Cairo. .

It is not only a mosque but also a great example of architecture. Its official name is Islamic Cultural Center but it is known as ‘Masr Masjid’ in the country and abroad. This mosque is established on a total of 19 thousand square yards in which more than one hundred thousand people can offer prayers at the same time. It has a multi-storey car park that can accommodate 4,000 cars.

In the same magnificent mosque, the complete Quran is engraved on the walls in script, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to the local media, 30 special galleries were allocated to engrave the Holy Quran in the mosque where one paragraph was engraved in each gallery. In the first gallery, the Holy Quran inscribed on the wall begins with the first Surah, Surah Fatiha, while in the 30th gallery, it ends with the last Surah, Surah Al-Nas, after which the concluding prayer of the Quran is also engraved.

It was inaugurated by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the 1st of Ramadan at the beginning of this year’s Ramadan.

This mosque has gained uniqueness in the world for having the entire Holy Quran engraved on the wall and has also set a world record, but even before that it has two world honors which are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

A world honor is its wooden minbar which is the tallest of any mosque in the world and completely hand-made with a height of 16.6 meters i.e. 54 feet.

Along with this, the largest chandelier in the world is displayed in this mosque, which weighs 50 tons. Its diameter spans 22 meters and its height is four storeys.

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