VIDEO. The truth about Fabrice Eboué

He’s a fabricator

Oh yes ! Absolutely. Fabrice which means fabricator in old French, that’s correct.

Box Departure because it sucks at Monopoly

It’s wrong. I am rather a very good Monopoly player. Please note, I have a real board game culture.

He was born on the same day as Liam Neeson

Am I trying a fake? – It’s true… 25 years or so. Ah true, that’s it… Wait, when we say the same day, the same date of birth. – Ah! Be careful, you have to be precise.

Rather Fabrice in a fog than Fabrice in a buoy

Wrong, in terms of humor I would say.

His first name is noted 3.9 / 5 by 680 Fabrice

It’s wrong … Or it’s true. I don’t have those statistics myself. It’s interesting, you know I think Fabrice Luchini’s real first name is Robert. And at the time, he finds that Robert, it’s too old-fashioned, it’s too old, he takes Fabrice. But tell yourself that Luchini, he’s 65 years old. So he’s … Fabrice it’s cool when he’s young, but that means that for me, it’s very, very old-fashioned …

His film is aimed at flexitarians

True. My film is aimed at flexitarians as well as vegetarians. There are so many diets today and I think we have fallen into absolute absurdity with this word flexitarian. That is to say, they are people who eat a little of everything so we are all flexitarians for the most part of us.

His rapper name is Mister FAF

False because the real name was Mr. FAF. But it was my rapper name. I am always ashamed to come back to this career in front of the camera. Career which lasted anyway 2-3 years before I went to rap, had to write lyrics. I was not doing too badly there, but then you had to be on time.

He has already clashed Anne Hidalgo

True ! True, true … Yes, it goes back now, it was 4 years ago for the day without a car. Yes, yes it was a little bit of you, a me. Then finally, she did not respond.

A capillary collaboration between him and SCH will soon be released

It’s wrong, but if he wants us to do a little rap on the capillary action, on the hair, there is no problem. I say it again, I’m a poor rapper but in terms of texts, I can defend myself, so must see, the message has passed. If SCH wants to rhyme on two haircuts, that’s okay.

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Hannibal Lecter is a small player

I don’t know what Hannibal Lecter’s score he has. Me I kill and I eat in Barbaque exactly the count eh, 32 people.

He was fired from 7 high schools

True ! I am a follower of school nomadism. I went to high schools almost everywhere in the Paris region and even as far as Amiens where I was at Providence, a high school which has become illustrious since I was born in 1977, that our President of the Republic, Mr. Macron is born in 1977 and that he was in the same high school. And there comes the question: “So you know him?” No, because we were from the same year, in the same boarding school, in the same establishment, he was, I believe, a year in advance, I was a year late. It is so that there is one that ends up president and the other comical.

He hates nuanced humor

False, I like the nuances. Afterwards, I like humor goes into it. I like to tackle all the themes. I’ve always said, it’s difficult, there is always this famous question: “Can we laugh at everything?” I say, it is always difficult to answer it because obviously, what will hurt such and such, will not hurt the other and vice versa.

Damso is a fan of him

True ! And I love his music and his songs. He refers to me with a play on words where he says: “I’m going to scavenge you like Fabrice.” And I’ll tell you, for a 44-year-old man like me, not only did it make me happy, but I also said to myself: “Wow, I can be quoted in a rap song from the years 2017-2018. “So it was huge.

Politicians love it

I do not know what to answer, I have always avoided getting involved in politics because I think it is a job of calculations. A profession all the same, for the most part, of snakes.

He’s friends with Dr. Dre

False. I would have liked very much. I have a photo lying around on Facebook of Dr. Dre and I that was taken in a nightclub. I am a big fan of his music, it bathed my tender adolescence. What made me want to be a rapper, so it’s his responsibility if today there are shitty rap pieces of me lying around the internet.

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