Video: the incredible image of a possible meteorite crossing the sky of Brittany last night

It is an image that surprised more than one. On the night of Sunday to Monday, September 6, a luminous ball crossed the sky of Brittany, leaving like wildfire behind it. It could be a meteorite.

Shortly before midnight, from the United Kingdom to Loire-Atlantique (44), via Finistère and Morbihan (56), several witnesses claim to have seen a “luminous ball”, strongly resembling a meteorite, cross the sky.

Glimpse of England on the Brittany coast

A spectacular image recorded by several webcams installed in the ports, from Le Havre (76) to Piriac-sur-Mer (44), via Brest (29) and Arzal (56).

“The night was clear and suddenly I saw an object pass, which really illuminated the sky with a green-white color”, meteorologist Stéven Tual testified to France Info, convinced of having been the ” witness to the passage of a meteorite ”between Rennes and Saint-Brieuc.

If we speak for the moment of a meteor, the luminous object could very well turn out to be a meteorite if we find fragments.

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