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Video: the incredible collision between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix

Surreal scene at the Italian Grand Prix. On lap 27, on the Monza circuit, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton clashed this Sunday with the Dutchman who saw his car land on that of his British rival.

While the race went smoothly from the start, everything was packed as it passed through the pits. The Red Bull driver, who occupied the 2e place behind Daniel Ricciardo, was the first to change his tires. A stop that dragged on before he could resume the track, losing several positions. A few moments later, it was the turn of the seven-time world champion to pass by his stand. His shutdown also did not go as planned. And when it came time to get out, he found himself wheel to wheel with Verstappen.

In the fight for the title, neither of the two men wanted to give in and a collision was inevitable in the chicane with the two single-seaters which overlapped each other. In this incident, the worst was avoided with the right rear tire of the Red Bull which touched the helmet of Lewis Hamilton, who was also able to rely on the safety halo of his Mercedes not to get stuck under the car from Dutch.

After trying to leave, the two men left their car to go to their stand. Without a look for each other. And this accident is not likely to improve their relationship, they who had already clung to the British Grand Prix with the violent off-track of Max Verstappen, and should fuel the debates for several days.

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