Video: Thailand organizes a spectacular feast for monkeys

In Thailand, a grand feast was organized for the monkeys, in which they were treated with a variety of foods.

The annual festival was held on Sunday morning in Lopburi, Thailand, where hundreds of macaque monkeys feasted.

The menu consisted of various types of fruits, vegetables, cakes and other items which the monkeys ate with great relish.

According to the organizers, about two tons of fruits, desserts and vegetables worth $2,800 were used in this monkey feast.

Around 4,000 stray monkeys living in a nearby temple and the surrounding streets attended the feast.

An organizer said that we have kept the same fruits that the monkeys like, including cherries and blueberries, which are quite expensive at the moment.

Tourists from abroad also participated in Monkey Festival and were pleasantly surprised to see this unique festival.

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