VIDEO. Terrorism: “Afghanistan is not Syria,” says Gérald Darmanin, confident but cautious about welcoming refugees

Gérald Darmanin, the Interior Minister, wanted to be reassuring on Wednesday, September 8, at Inter de France about “cares” and the risks of terrorist attacks in France since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan and the reception of more than 2,800 Afghans in the national territory. “Afghanistan is not Syria”, he insisted. “Firstly because it is further away, secondly because the Taliban is a radical Islamic movement that is at war with other Islamic movements, and thirdly because we never had any French departures or those who were in France for Afghanistan in ten years. This is an essential point, unlike Syria, where the matches [pour le jihad] are or were very numerous “, explained the Minister of Interior.

Even if the situations are “not very comparable”, according to Gerald Darmanin, the Interior Minister remained cautious. “On the other hand, there may be those who find there the opportunity to awaken in their radicalism”, he clarified. “For the time being, the intelligence services, at my request, are monitoring those who could potentially act”, said the Minister of Interior. Currently, five Afghans “still under surveillance” and are subject to administrative surveillance measures. “What does the DGSI mean [Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure] watch them, watch what they do, watch their networks and they are grouped in a specially protected location. “

Among them, a person is subject to special surveillance, it is “of a Taliban”, who has “it has obviously made it possible to save hundreds of Afghans imprisoned in the French embassy under conditions I will not go into detail about, and of the French policemen who were also locked up in this embassy”continued Gerald Darmanin. “We did our job”, said the minister.

“All 2,800 Afghans we brought back were registered, selected, interviews were conducted with each of them, and of those five, surveillance remains extremely close.”

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior

France Inter

According to your information, a “One thousand people”, “Magistrates, women who carry women’s freedom in Afghanistan, all those who could help France” and that could not be evacuated are on a list “restriction”. They “could probably be protected by France”. “If these people come to seek asylum and are on this list, of course, we will continue to receive them”, he concluded.

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