All over France, artisans are mobilizing to prevent the expulsion of their apprentices of foreign nationality. “Special Envoy” followed these bosses who, to defend their business, are trying to bend the French administration.

Mamadou Yaya Bah turned 18. In an irregular situation since he is no longer protected by his status of “unaccompanied minor”, he can no longer continue his apprenticeship as a baker. Patricia and Henry-Pierre Hyvernat, his apprenticeship masters at La Chapelle-Du-Châtelard, in Ain, nevertheless needed him. Petition, letters to the prefecture, they scramble to find a solution. At the end of it, Patricia goes on a hunger strike to obtain a residence permit for her protégé. Will he get his papers?

Apprenticeship masters who go as far as a hunger strike …

Thanks to the commitment of Stéphane Ravacley, baker in Besançon, Laye Fodé Traoré was able to complete his CAP: a petition relayed by personalities collected more than 240,000 signatures, and after eleven days of hunger strike, Stéphane succeeded in obtain the regularization of his apprentice. But what will happen to Dembo Monekhata? Will he be sent back to Senegal at the end of his training? Martial Becker, restaurateur in Courseulles-sur-Mer (Calvados), is fighting to keep it.

A report by Alice Gauvin and Elodie Delevoye broadcast in “Special Envoy” on October 14, 2021.

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