Video: Shraddha Arya- Rahul yelled at the boyfriend, come pick me up

The famous TV actress ‘Shraddha Arya’ has gotten married. Shraddha participated in seven rounds with his fiancee Rahul Sharma on November 16. Shraddha Arya looks very excited in her marriage. A very beautiful video of the actress Jaimala has come to light, which we have brought for you.

Many photos and videos of Shraddha Arya’s wedding are coming out one by one on the internet. Among them there is also a video of a jaimala of the actress. In this video, Shraddha wears a very beautiful bride in red lehenga. In the video, Shraddha is seen yelling loudly at Rahul during Jaimala. Shraddha yells at Rahul- Rahul come pick me up … Hearing this from the actress, all the people present there begin to scream even happier.

After this, Rahul arrives and takes Shraddha on his lap and carries her to the Jaimala stage. In this way, Rahul’s Shraddha and Chaimala rituals are completed in a special way. In this video, Shraddha looked very happy in her marriage. This video of the actress’s wedding is increasing the brightness of her fans’ faces even more. Her fans are fiercely commenting on all the photos and videos from the actress’s wedding. This video of Shraddha’s Jayala has also been shared by her fans on Instagram.

Let us tell you that these days Shraddha Arya is seen in the character of Preeta in the famous ZeeTV series Kundali Bhagya. In the character of Preeta, Shraddha has made a special place in people’s hearts from house to house. The actress has appeared in many television series even before this. At the same time, Shraddha’s husband, Rahul, lives far from the spotlight. Rahul is a Navy officer.

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