Video shows iPhone surviving fall from 4,000 meters

A TikTok video posted by a skydiver appears to show how your iPhone slips out of a pocket and circles across the sky before plummeting 4,000 meters back to Earth.

The device landed on its side in a soft field covered with grass and mud. That landing spot was probably one of the reasons the phone survived the crash.

Also helping the phone’s survival is the tough casing used in the device, which seems to be able to absorb a bump.

@capt_rumcoffee When your phone falls out of your pocket at 14,000 feet #fail #screammovie ♬ original sound

We don’t know which iPhone model fell 4,000 meters and certainly more than one user has wondered why this iPhone survived a fall from such a height from the sky while the iPhone’s screen broke when falling from a table. A matter of luck, I suppose.

What is clear is that it’s not a good idea to go skydiving with your iPhone. It’s also not usually a good idea to carry it with you if you ride a roller coaster, for example, unless it’s strapped down really well.

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