Video: she takes the elevator and forgets her dog on a leash outside

A dog certainly must not have understood what was happening to him a few days ago in Moscow, when his mistress rushed into an elevator leaving him stuck on the other side of the door, when she was closed.

In the images, published on September 5, the lady walks into the cabin and does not realize that her animal has not had time to follow her inside. When the elevator starts to climb, the dog is then thrown into the air because of its leash, and bangs against the door several times.

Fortunately, it was a retractable leash, the length of which prevented the animal from being completely crushed against the door when the cabin went up. It is also possible that it is broken. Still, the dog did well, also taking advantage of the intervention of a man who passed in front of the elevator and who released it from its tether.

Climbing up to the sixteenth floor, the mistress then went down to retrieve her poor animal.

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