VIDEO. She replanted corals around the world to save the reefs

They are home to 25% of marine biodiversity, but they could still disappear. With the Ocean Quest association in Toulon, Sandrine decided to take action by replanting corals around the world to save the reefs. That’s how it works.

We don’t think that corals are animals to begin with (…) When we started to be interested in them, we realized that there is enormous diversity and that they are suffering and that we can do something, so I decided to act. “With the Ocean Quest association, Sandrine Treyvaud is taking steps to save coral reefs around the world. Corals are home to 25% of marine biodiversity, but if nothing is done, they could disappear where they are the majority. ‘ from 2050.

In Ocean Quest, the method is natural: they don’t use artificial structures and don’t put anything in the water. “We are going to recover broken corals that are going to die, that are in the sand, that are still alive, we are going to cut them into small pieces to glue them back to a natural substrate that we will take from the water.“Explains Sandrine. The only thing association members need are guns.”That’s why we train as many people as possible to then help us replant the corals.“, she specifies.

Once returned to the water, the corals are monitored and placed in so-called nurseries. This allows you to see their evolution, measure them, see how long they take to grow. “And when they’re big enough, we’ll be able to put them back on reefs that need rehabilitation.“, develops Sandrine. Once mature, corals end up laying eggs and mixing. The association has been active in coral replanting for 12 years.”We saw a big evolution in the reef that we were able to recreate, in the fish that came back“, observes Sandrine.

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