: The reality TV show ‘Khatra Khatra Show’ is constantly making headlines. This is Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa’s show, in which the stars take on strange tasks. Farah Khan is also seen judging on the show. This week, Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan came to the Khatra Khatra show. Sara was seen having a lot of fun on the show. Not only this, a video from the set of the show has also surfaced, which is going quite viral on social media.

In fact, the creators have shared a promotional video for the Khatra Khatra Show. In this video Farah Khan is seen saying that the game is very simple, the song will play and you have to do the hook step from that song and if your hook step is wrong then you have to kick Rajesh Khanna ji from Avatar.. after this video In this one, Aditya Narayan is seen doing a hook step in the song Masti Ki Pathshala, but gets kicked from behind as soon as he takes the wrong step.

After this, Karan Patel is seen dancing to Govinda’s song Khula Hai Mera Pinjra, but gets kicked as well. After this comes the turn of Sara Ali Khan. Sara is seen dancing to the song ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ in front of that big doll, when suddenly the song changes and starts playing ‘Maa Ka Ladla Bad Gaya’, but as soon as she starts dancing, Rajesh gets kicked hard. . Khanna ji’s doll and she falls over.

Overall, this episode of the show is going to be a lot of fun. This promotional video of the show has increased the craze among the fans regarding this episode, which they are looking forward to.


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