Video: Russian cat drives away a bear to defend its owners

You didn’t have to look for it. In Russia, to defend its masters, a brave cat did not hesitate to stare at a bear, even managing to put it to flight. The scene, filmed by the feline’s owners, has been around social networks.

As local media explains, this unusual story recently unfolded in Yakutia, an autonomous Russian republic located in northwestern Siberia.

In the images widely disseminated on the Internet, we can hear the owners of Vasya, that is the name of the cat, surprised by a bear while walking on a path.

The mammal, one of the symbols of Russia, is said to have been attracted to this trail while looking for food.

However, and despite the fact that it is much larger than the cat, the bear has found in the latter an opponent to its measure, far from being impressed.

The feline stands firm on its legs, as close to the bear as possible, with its back arched. Vasya thus defended her territory and her masters for long minutes, her hair standing on end.

“Vasya, we don’t need meat!” Even one of his teachers jokes, who is not in the least impressed either. Undoubtedly puzzled, the bear ended up quietly leaving.

Ultimately, if since the dawn of time it has been known that the dog is man’s best friend, Vasya is proof that the same thing sometimes happens with some brave cats.

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