VIDEO. Reforest’Action, a company that plants forests thanks to the actions of Internet users


Founded in 2010 by Stéphane Hallaire, Reforest’Action aims to respond to global warming and pollution.

Since 2010, more than 3 million trees have been planted by the company Reforest’Action. 60 km from Paris, dressed in a t-shirt bearing the company’s image, volunteers are helping out. With a bag of plants in one hand and a pickaxe in the other, they plant oaks, walnut trees and alis trees under the guidance of a seasoned forestry technician. That day, they will have planted 1,500 trees in the very spot where a forest had been decimated by chalarosis, an invasive disease.

For Stéphane Hallaire, the founder of Reforest’Action, reforesting the land is “the best solution against global warming and the erosion of biodiversity.“To finance his project, he offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to virtually purchase trees via the organization’s website. For a few euros, Internet users are helping to plant entire forests on several continents.

Stéphane Hallaire reminds that forests are affected by diseases, fires, storms but also by deforestation which is raging in tropical areas. However, these trees have a significant role in the fight against pollution. According to him, the CO2 emitted throughout our life can be offset by planting a forest of about 5,000 trees. Reforestation “also helps to strengthen biodiversity, filter water, retain soil and create jobs“, he emphasizes.

More than 86,000 people brought together by Reforest’Action have made it possible to erect forests around the world.

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