Video-photo release: 3 Raj expressed his grief to friends and fans

Pictures and video clips of private moments with actresses Sunerah bint Kamal, Tanzin Tisha and Nazifa Tushi were uploaded on Tuesday midnight from the Facebook ID of filmmaker Shariful Raj. However, they were deleted after a while.

Actor Shariful Raj expressed his position in a long statement today (May 31) in this incident.

Shariful Raj’s statement

People change a little bit every moment.

It takes years to learn to walk on your own after birth. And it takes years to learn to speak properly. But this journey of telling and walking never ends. But in this journey we meet some people, with whom we can share happiness, sadness, talk of work or non-work day, health and madness.
Those who do not have any special conditions to walk or talk with. There is only one condition – friendship.

Surely each of you has many friends – with whom you do not speak verbally, do not walk with future thoughts while walking together. With whom many fools talk, because friendship is like that.

Human friendship across all boundaries including gender, caste, age.

But the problem is, when someone wants to draw the line of sexual identity in the middle of a friendship-like relationship for dishonest reasons, to divert the matter. When someone turns casual conversation between friends into the talk of the town. I am also facing the same problem.

I have been busy with the dubbing of the movie for the past few days, I am supposed to read the script of some story of the movie, I am not able to give proper time to these.

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Whenever I get time to get inside the story, suddenly someone is harassing me by doing these things which I was shocked to think. I have been silent since the beginning of various truths and lies about me. But silence does not mean weakness.

Someone has or hacked my Facebook profile password/access to leak my intimate chats with my long time friends and colleagues. The intention of whoever did this was to harass us. Maybe they succeeded.

I express my unconditional condolences to my three friends and colleagues; Who are very good friends of mine for a long time. That friendship has no gender. Because of me they had to be harassed. I apologize to all my well-wishers, supporters and critics as well – that the incident of friends chat has been spread and misled with nefarious intentions.

Learned to walk by stumbling many times! Stumbled again. With your prayers and love, I will definitely become more mature, I will learn from the mistakes of the past.

Keep me in your prayers and love. Because a Shariful Raj is nothing without your support. May all beings in the world be happy. Love and best wishes to all.

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