Brut met Mahnaji, an urban explorer. She takes us to the rooftops of New York …

It’s about seeing the world differently, from above, meditating, thinking about life. “ Mahnaji is an urban explorer in New York City. In 2017, she started climbing buildings, climbing cranes, exploring abandoned places and even visiting tunnels. “It is for people who are not happy with life as it is. And for those who want something more“, says Mahnaji.

On social media, she developed a large following by breaking down preconceptions about what it means to be a Muslim woman: “When I was younger, you didn’t see Muslim women in the media.” Today, Mahnaji wants to use his position to question the perception people have of Muslim women, of minorities, of women who wear the veil. I have a unique opportunity to use this position to do something bigger. “

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