Home Business Video on the internet: the start-up Narative raises one million euros

Video on the internet: the start-up Narative raises one million euros

Video on the internet: the start-up Narative raises one million euros

One year after the launch of its service, the start-up Narative has just completed a first fundraising of one million euros from “friends & family” investors. It was valued at 3.3 million euros on this occasion.

The start-up targets Internet users making shows on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, video sites like Brut… But these broadcasts are often deadly boring, always with the same still image. Narative proposes to make them more attractive, by alternating images from five different cameras within the same. The Internet user is thus offered successively five different angles of view – a bit like the coverage of an important event on television, but without resorting to the expensive professional equipment of the TV channels (cameras, OB van, etc.). Here, only a computer with internet access is necessary to choose between the five viewing angles, and achieve the.

Narative’s service also allows you to use any type of smartphone as a camera. In practice, it allows any Internet user to broadcast for free one hour of to several cameras, then, beyond one hour, becomes chargeable (subscription of 30 euros per month).

“Our solution drastically lowers the cost of production and construction. This will allow them to get out of the Youtubers’ rooms and cover all types of events, ranging from agricultural fairs to street demonstrations ”, explains co-founder Jean-Marc Denoual. The service offers in particular to produce with a vertical image, a format particularly suitable for smartphones.

The start-up was created by three Molotov alumni: Jean-Marc Denoual (former manager of TF1), Quentin Renard (IT developer graduated from INSA Lyon), and Marc Ferry (IT developer graduated from Epita). They have just been joined by Emmanuelle Quenin, who came from Salto and is responsible for providing advice to streamers.

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