VIDEO: NBA player Andre Drummond saves his son from drowning

A disaster narrowly avoided. NBA player Andre Drummond saved the life of his 2-year-old son Deon by diving fully clothed into the pool where he had just fallen.

The inside of the Philadelphia Sixers, which measures 2.08 meters and weighs almost 130 kilograms, posted a video of the rescue on social media. Images that are cold on the back.

“Not all heroes wear a cape. Parents worst nightmare … with me and my son. No one was injured in the video, ”Andre Drummond said in his message posted on Twitter.

The accident occurred near the pool of the basketball player’s home. Fortunately for the 2-year-old, several family members were present and his father did not hesitate for a second to dive fully clothed to get him out of the water immediately after he fell.

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