VIDEO. Kad Merad: “I falsified a lot of school reports”

He quarreled with Olivier on a boat

Kad Merad : It’s true. The only time in our life that we had an argument was on a boat. We had decided to go on a cruise with our wives. Anything the idea! However, we get along very well and still today for 30 years but the problem is that Olivier, he had quit smoking. And Olivier, when he stops smoking … And it’s during a board game, do you realize it or not? What a stupid thing, we were playing I don’t know what board game and we really got into our heads.

His name is not really Kad

Kad Merad : It’s wrong. My name is really Kad. It’s still Kad because Kadour is part of Kad. When I did my first radio show, so that was a long time ago on a radio called Canal 102. I know I was given a reflection like: “Ah, Kadour , it sounds a bit too MJC to do radio. It was a radio that played Funk, it sounded a bit American radio so I called myself, the very first time, it wasn’t even Kad, it was was Mister Kad.

He searches for his cell phone every 30 seconds

Kad Merad : I am full of attention problems and very often, moreover, I have to be captured. If all of a sudden there’s something, I can move on. And it’s the same for the telephone. Once, I even forgot it in the fridge.

He starred in his first film at 40

Kad Merad : It is true that I knew a little the course of my own character in “Un Triomphe”, that is to say those years of hardship that one can have before meeting the beautiful project, the success perhaps. to be but above all a real project that makes you live because an actor is not just a famous guy, he’s also a man who works. You have to work, you have to work your hours, you have to have projects, and it is difficult. And me, I knew all that moment when before making my first film, I made plays, I ate companies, I ate small scenes, I have eaten theaters empty but that’s part of the actor’s job.

He loved school

Kad Merad : It is true but not to work there! To be a jerk.

He sold encyclopedias door to door

Kad Merad : Universalis encyclopedias! It was worth a blind! And I managed to sell it to a dentist buddy. Once. But it is unsaleable! Finally, we went to people’s homes, “Hello madam, here I come to offer you a …”, it cost 4500 francs, which today seems little but at the time, it was a lot of money. And I remember I struggled but that’s part of life too.

Little he wanted to be a rockstar

Kad Merad : Yes it’s true but I still believe that I can become a rockstar.

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You made music.

I continue to make music. I still believe I can be a rockstar.

He is the author of “I believe I can fly”

Kad Merad : So this is true. Yes, yes I liked it. In fact, it’s a song, before the guy was arrested for pedophilia, the author, because it’s R. Kelly anyway, a guy who is in prison, who has lots of problems … I think I’ll stop singing it. (Laughs)

He would have been Minister of Culture under Ségolène Royal

Kad Merad : It’s wrong ! What is also false, moreover, is that I would have supported Ségolène Royal. Funny, is that this stuff is following me now. I have nothing against Ségolène Royal, I am not at all political myself, I am very apolitical.

He cries in front of the film “La vie est belle”

Kad Merad : Yes, I cry in front of “La vie est belle” by Frank Capra. Yes, I cry at the first second. Yes, because I know what’s going to happen, yes because it’s a film that overwhelms me. It’s all in there and I really like this movie, it moves me a lot, yeah. You have to cry in front of something.

He loves PSG

Kad Merad : I have often been called footix. In fact, I think I’m the ideal supporter, we should have that in the stadiums today. I can tell you the truth: I come from Saint-Étienne, I grew up in the Saint-Étienne region and my father has a green heart so my father is my father. So I can’t support another team in my heart so it’s Saint-Étienne but I lived in Marseille, I love Marseille. I live in Paris, I continue to watch matches with Paris when they are beautiful, when it is important matches.

He falsified his school reports

Kad Merad : It’s true, I faked a lot of report cards because they weren’t good. My father was very strict so I was so afraid of what was going to happen to me that I was ready to become a forger rather than become a messed up.

He knows how to put floppy disks

Kad Merad : In the boxes yes. Yes, that’s right, it was the days of floppy disks for video games when back then video games were on floppy disks. I did this job for a while and I remember it, we were paid by the box so we had to do it super fast. It was a friend of the acting class who told me: “If you want to earn some money, I have a plan!”

It’s the odd jobs you do when you’re young and when you need to pay your rent or pay for your acting lessons, so yes I packed floppy disks in boxes.

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