VIDEO. Jean-Paul Belmondo, fearless stuntman and sports lover

The actor, who performed his stunts himself, was also a big fan of sports.

He hesitated between becoming an actor or a sportsman. He chose the first option but knew how to mix his two passions during his life. Jean-Paul Belmondo, who passed away on Monday, September 6 at the age of 88, was known to perform his own stunts. “With this kind of cinema, I can do both”, underlined the one who vibrated for thrills and played with fire under the gaze of the cameras.

He was also a sports fan, especially boxing. With ten fights to his name, he learned the school of life and “aggressiveness”, this will to win which is expressed as well in a ring as in life. “Sport saved me, more in relation to the state of mind it provides than in relation to the physical state in which I was”, he confided to Parisian in 2018. Also a footballer in his youth, he also loved tennis, he who even had a reserved seat at Roland-Garros.

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