VIDEO. In tears before the British Parliament, she denounces the Islamophobia of which she is a victim

On September 9, 2021, MP Zarah Sultana delivered a poignant appeal in the midst of the British Parliament.

I discovered that to be a Muslim, outspoken and leftist, is to be an object of racism and hatred.. “Zarah Sultana, a member of the UK Labor Party, addressed the British Parliament to denounce the Islamophobia of which he is a victim.”Madam President, this Islamophobia does not come out of nowhere. It’s not natural or rooted. is transmitted from above“, declared the deputy who considers that”these flames” they are “fanned by privileged people and in positions of power. “

According to the member, this Islamophobia has effects not only on hate speech, but also on political decisions. “The people who sow this hatred don’t just attack Muslims, they attack blacks, they attack Jews, they attack Gypsies and travelers, they target migrants and refugeesZarah Sultana calls for unity to fight racism.

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