VIDEO. “I was afraid to leave my house without knowing if I would come back alive”

The state of Michoacán, Mexico, is one of the largest avocado producers in the world. After years of violence by the cartels that covet their farms, these residents have created Pueblos Unidos, an armed civilian group to protect themselves. They tell.

“If I am afraid of something, it is to leave my house without knowing if I will come back alive or not. They took up arms against drug traffickers. For several months now, the inhabitants of Michoacán, Mexico, have been denouncing the thefts and the violence they suffer from criminal groups seeking to get their hands on their avocado production. The “green gold” industry has indeed exploded due to the growing demand for lawyers around the world, and with it, violence, extortion and deforestation. Many day workers, farmers and business leaders are forced to regularly pay a large part of their income to organized crime in order not to face threats.

Faced with the lack of protection from the authorities, they decided to create an armed civilian group called Pueblos Unidos. Before that, few of them knew how to handle weapons. The state of Michoacán is one of the largest producers of avocados in the world. Municipalities like Ario de Rosales, Salvador Escalante and Taretan found themselves at the heart of the conflict. They are located in the center and near a danger zone fought over by the cartels: Tierra Caliente.

In 2020, ransacking and attacks on trade routes have increased. Since then, hundreds of producers have decided to organize themselves to defend themselves. They claim that since the establishment of Pueblos Unidos, crimes have become rarer. For his part, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has publicly disapproved of this group. Pueblos Unidos says they are ready to lay down their arms in exchange for safety and protection.

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At least nine cartels have been identified in Michoacán.

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