VIDEO: Fans Started Shouting ‘Sara-Sara’ After Seeing Shubman, Watch Gill’s Reaction

VIDEO: Fans Started Shouting 'Sara-Sara' After Seeing Shubman, Watch Gill's Reaction

Indian cricketer Shubman Gill is in top form. He has given good performances for the India team on many occasions. Shubman recently scored a century in the last match of the ODI series played against Sri Lanka. Along with his acting, Shubman is also in discussion about his personal life. There are many rumors about Shubman and Sara Tendulkar. Therefore, the fans began to scream after seeing Shubman in a game.

Rumors have been going around for a long time about Shubman and Sara both dating. Although Shubman or Sara did not give any kind of reaction about it. Earlier, rumors about Shubman and Sara Ali Khan also surfaced. But how much truth there is in this, only Shubman can tell. Shubman was close to the dividing line during the India-Sri Lanka match. Seeing them, the public began to shout ‘Sara-Sara’. This video of him is going pretty viral on social media.

Significantly, India won the ODI series against Sri Lanka 3-0. In this series, Shubman was second in terms of scoring the most runs. He scored 207 runs in 3 matches. He scored 116 runs in the last game facing 97 balls. Shubman had hit 14 fours and 2 sixes during this period.


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