VIDEO. “Everything touches plastic”: 48 hours without plastic with Louisergt


For 48 hours, Louise set herself a challenge: to live without plastic. Here is the result.

Brut launched a somewhat special challenge for the Louisergt tiktoker: to go 48 hours without using plastic. And very quickly, the conclusion is clear: everything is plastic, thus making Louise’s daily life very restrictive. “It was really hard to take my bath, because all my soap stuff, it’s plastic. So, luckily I had the soap to wash with my hands, Marseille soap“, smiles Louise. From toothbrush to makeup to metro tickets, nothing is left to chance.

After these two days without using plastic, Louise admits that it was “super hard“:”everything touches the plastic in the end, whether it is the portable battery, the surgical mask“, she sums up. The tiktoker advises everyone to try this challenge:”It opens our eyes and it shows us that there is really plastic everywhere“, she concludes.

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