There is bad news for fans of actress Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim. Due to the death of a family member, a mountain of grief has collapsed on the couple. Actually, Shoaib and Deepika’s dog has died, so they are both messed up crying. They have both shared a video of themselves on social media and have shared this bad news with fans.

While sharing the video on their YouTube channel, Deepika and Shoaib said that their dog died. Both Roto are visible in the video. According to the information, his dog had asthma. He died from this disease.

Deepika and Shoaib often share cute photos and videos with their cute dog. They were both very close to this mute. Deepika has also recalled this while posting on Instagram. Sharing the image, Deepika wrote an emotional post, ‘I never knew this would be my last photo with him. This photo is from a day before he was taken to the vet. She came out of the X-ray room and I was giving her a warm hug so she wouldn’t panic … She hadn’t been keeping up well since last year. The situation was difficult in the last 2-3 days. And yesterday was important. He fought hard and conceded defeat at 3am today. He died.’

At the same time, Shoaib also shared the image of this dog and wrote: ‘No one was there before you, and no one after. In this post from both, fans pay tribute to their dog.



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