Video: Dhoni ground, Rohit team; Echo of ‘Kohli…Kohli’, Naveen stranded again

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Naveel-ul-Haq teased Kohli again… Kohli’s slogans

The IPL 2023 knockout match is played between Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants at Chepauk, Chennai. This ground is the home ground of MS Dhoni and the team was Mumbai managed by Rohit Sharma. But here, too, the slogans were from Kohli… Kohli. These slogans were raised as Afghanistan pacemaker Naveen-ul-Haq, who took four wickets, reached the pitch boundary. Naveen played brilliantly in this match but perhaps the fans still can’t forget the controversy between him and Virat Kohli. Why forget even Naveen who doesn’t give up on his antics? Even when RCB was away, Naveen made fun of it by posting an Instagram story.

After the fight between Lucknow Super Giants and RCB on May 1, Kohli’s fans have constantly criticized Naveen on social media. He doesn’t give up on his antics either. After that incident, every time there is a match in Lucknow, Kohli… Kohli slogans are heard on the ground. The same thing happened in Chepauk. Especially these slogans are raised to make fun of Naveen ul Haq. Naveen was also seen signaling to the spectators in the last league game. After this, even when RCB was away, he had put on a funny story while taking a pinch. This is why the anger of Kohli’s fans does not subside.

Kohli on the floor of Dhoni… the echo of Kohli

Kohli fans were angry that Dhoni was not there in Chepauk, Chennai, Rohit’s team was playing but the spectators were shouting Kohli…Kohli slogans. Video of this incident is going wildly viral on social media. It is clearly visible from this what level Virat Kohli’s fanbase is at. He is not playing in the playoffs, nor is his team in the playoffs. He is not even his native land, but his slogans are raised among the fans. This catchphrase must have spoiled the fun of the Naveen-ul-Haq four-window transporter.

naveen ulhaq

Image source: PTI

Naveen-ul-Haq took four wickets

Naveen-ul-Haq took 4 wickets for 38 runs in 4 overs in this match. The special thing is that in this innings he took all four of Mumbai’s big wickets. He first fired Rohit Sharma. After that, he took the wickets of Suryakumar Yadav and Cameron Green in a single. Then Tilak Verma also got caught in the dam of him. During the last matches, Naveen was constantly beaten up and bowled poorly. But in this match, his bowling prevented Mumbai’s score from rising to 200.

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