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Video: Cyril Hanouna discovers his wax statue live for the Grévin museum

Two Cyril Hanouna on a platter. The host of TPMP, on C8, made his return to school this Monday, August 30. An event during which the merry drille notably discovered the wax statue with his effigy, which has just entered the Grévin museum.

If the general public can admire this Cyril larger than life at the famous Parisian museum since Tuesday, the viewers of Touche Pas à Mon Poste, they were able to have the premiere exclusively the day before.

An honor for Cyril Hanouna, who was very impressed and touched by the strong resemblance to his wax double.

The result is, it is true, successful. It is the result of a large investment which required no less than six months of work, for a total cost of 67,000 euros.

“There is just the hairstyle …”

“They are very strong. No, but it’s crazy work. There is just the hairstyle … We are more sure of Michel Drucker there “, declared the host of TPMP with his famous humor.

Around him, his band of chroniclers were also fascinated by the wax statue, each one commenting on it. “The eyes are a crazy thing,” said Valérie Benaïm in particular.

“It’s your hairstyle from last year,” Kelly Vedovelli noted, putting the topic of Baba’s hair back on the table. Indeed, the new cut of Cyril Hanouna, who has opted for a gradient and curls, is very different from that displayed by the statue.

To Véronique Berecz, responsible for the museum’s external relations, the dad of Lino and Bianca (9 and 10 years old) then made the following proposition: “Hairdressing level, are we going to be there? If you want, I’ll buy you a little Babyliss ”.

Enough to provoke the hilarity of the public, but also that of Yves Delhommeau, general manager of the museum, and Franck Appietto, president of the C8 channel, also present for the occasion.

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