VIDEO: Catch clamor, MCC explained cricket rule 19.5.2 after controversy erupted

michael neser

Controversial capture of Michael Neser

Capture of Michael Neser: In the past year 2022, there have been many occasions in the world of cricket where the ICC (International Cricket Council) had to open its rule book. But this year has also started with a controversy that once again sees cricket’s regulatory body having to come to the fore. Actually, this whole thing is during a Big Bash League (BBL) match, when Australian player Michael Neser caught three times, but during this he also went in and out of bounds twice. In such a situation, there was an uproar over whether this last catch would be valid or given a six.

Neser caught the catch in 3 times

In the midst of the controversy, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the world organization that makes the rules of cricket, issued a statement from its official Twitter account, clarifying the whole situation and also shared the information about the rules. For now, before explaining the rules, we will tell you what happened in the match between the Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat. This is the case in the game between the two teams on Sunday, when an aerial shot by Jordan Silk was first caught by Neser just inside the line but then crossed the line, throwing the ball into the air. So far it was fine, but the ball thrown in the air by Neser came out of bounds towards him, meanwhile, Neser jumped in the air and caught the ball for the second time and then threw it in bounds and for the third time out of bounds . He went in and took the catch.

Questions Raised About Cricket Rules

This catch by Neser was accepted by the umpires after much deliberation and Silk was ruled out. However, Glenn Maxwell, who was present in the comment box, tried to explain the rule by calling this decision by the referees a well deserved decision. But many former cricketers and fans asked questions and criticized the rule. However, the MCC subsequently also upheld the referee’s decision citing rule 19.5.2 and stated that the first contact of the player and the ball must be in bounds.

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