VIDEO: Business owner repels robbery and kills the thief with bullets

One ordinary day turned into a tragedy when a thief broke into a local business, only to be met with resistance from the owner. In the assault attempt, the owner emerged victorious, but the offender was not so lucky.

It happened last Wednesday morning, when an armed man broke into a restaurant located on Micaela Bastidas avenue. The business’s security cameras captured how the thief tried to subdue the owner’s son and wife, whom he ordered to lie face down on the floor. Even the family’s pet dog, he is the first to sense the thief’s evil, and barked at him.

The owner, Ney Chávez Santillán, appeared on the scene and, without hesitation, used his firearm to defend his family. The offender fell to the ground and died almost instantly.

The Ongoing Judicial Investigation

The community reaction has been mixed. While some applaud the business owner’s action, others describe it as excessive and believe that the fatal outcome could have been avoided. The First Corporate Criminal Provincial Prosecutor of Villa El Salvador has opened a preliminary investigation against Chávez Santillán.

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Chávez, who was initially arrested, has been released and will be investigated for the alleged commission of a crime against life, body and health, in the form of homicide, for a period of 60 days.

Community reaction

Neighbors and customers of the restaurant have shown their support for Chávez Santillán, believing that he acted in legitimate defense. However, this tragedy has led to a broader debate about security in the area and the need for more effective measures to combat crime.

Although the restaurant remains closed for now, it is expected to reopen in the next few hours. The community is waiting for the return of Chávez Santillán, after being detained.

Demanding Greater Security

After the incident, some residents organized a protest to demand greater security in the area. Many allege that crime in the streets of Villa El Salvador is a constant threat and that the authorities must take more forceful measures.

We are standing neighbors. Our objective is to have him released, since in his own defense and that of his family he has had to kill. We demand more security, more serenades, more police, but that they be good serenades, that there is no longer so much soft hand for criminals, who catch them and then release them. We need real security,” a local resident previously told reporters.

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