Video: Boy disguised as girl and begging arrested in Gulf country

A boy was arrested for begging while wearing a burqa in the Gulf country of Kuwait.

According to local media, the General Administration of Residence Affairs Investigation in Kuwait caught an Asian boy red-handed when he was posing as a girl and begging on the streets.

The arrest was made during a campaign launched by the Kuwaiti authorities to combat prostitution in the country, especially during Ramadan.

The Home Ministry stressed the importance of tackling the issue of begging, saying it is considered a crime against society and also damages the country’s image.

The Ministry’s Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media called on citizens and residents to report any incidents of begging by contacting the relevant authorities through the provided phone numbers or emergency number 112.

Security sources confirmed that any foreigner caught begging would be immediately deported, his sponsor would be held legally responsible and any foreigner possibly sponsored. Doing so will result in blacklisting.

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