VIDEO. Behind the scenes at Mirazur, the restaurant that said stop plastic


Voted best restaurant in the world in 2019, the Mirazur has chosen to completely eliminate single-use plastic. Brut visited his kitchens in Menton to understand how his chef Mauro Colagreco and his teams rose to the challenge.

It was during a vacation in Mexico that he had the click. A storm covered 44 kilometers of a paradisiacal beach with plastic waste where he was located. “I had no words to explain it to my children, I could see that there were lots of things we used in restaurants. That’s when I decided I had to change“, explains Mauro Colagreco, chef of the Mirazur restaurant.

Back from his vacation, Mauro therefore asked all his teams to remove the plastic from the restaurant. All installation containers are now made of stainless steel and the lids have replaced the plastic film. “In 2018, we consumed 10,000 kilometers of plastic film. From one day to the next, I decided to just lock up the whole roll of film in a locker. And from consuming six rolls per week, we went to consuming two rolls of plastic film per month“, explains the chef.

Another problem: make their suppliers understand that all food had to be brought in clean and recyclable containers, which could be reused for at least ten years. Also, dIn their gardens, the restaurant teams themselves produce around 60-65% of their vegetables during the season.

Today the Mirazur, has the “Plastic Free” certification, the result “of a job, of a daily fight to decontaminate our kitchen from plastic and it’s the same fight, it’s the same precious circle, I would say, that we also try to do by also producing our own vegetables. “

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