Video: American and Chinese planes face off dangerously

US and Chinese planes came face to face in the air and both countries have accused each other of aggressive action.

China has described the incident of the US surveillance aircraft over the South China Sea as a ‘provocation’ by the US.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said on Wednesday that the US’s long-term and frequent deployment of ships and aircraft to closely monitor China is seriously harming China’s national sovereignty and security.

He said that this kind of provocative, dangerous activity is the cause of security problems on the seas. China will continue to take all necessary measures to firmly protect its sovereignty and security.

A Chinese fighter pilot flew near a US surveillance plane operating over the South China Sea last week, the US military said on Tuesday. "”Unnecessarily aggressive action”.

Video footage released by the US military shows a Chinese fighter jet crossing in front of a US plane, which has escalated tensions between the two countries.

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